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Many of you may have seen my recent Facebook post regarding General Mills’ decision to update their Privacy Policy. General Mills, the maker of Betty Crocker, Nature Valley and Pillsbury brands, announced that if you choose to follow their company page, subscribe to their newsletter, or benefit in any way, including coupons, from their company, you may be waiving your right to future lawsuits. In fact, what their policy states is that by benefiting from the company you agree to resolve any issue through arbitration.

What does this mean for you, the consumer? Does this mean you cannot “like” General Mills or another company’s Facebook page because of their Privacy Policy?  Perhaps.  The law generally states that one who agrees to a contract is deemed to have read it and understood it.  Does hitting the “like” button mean you are agreeing to a contract?  Only time will tell how a court would interpret such a policy and if a court would find it enforceable.  I am curious to find out how many people “unlike” General Mills’ Facebook page recently.  To learn more about General Mills privacy policy:

The information contained herein is general information not legal advice, and does NOT establish an attorney-client relationship with Lori Brown.

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